As reported by MotoringFIle, the 2016 model year Clubman will be unique for a couple of reasons.  It will feature the models first all wheel drive system as well as come with a plugin hybrid version.  This is a first for Mini and will be but one of the many new plugin offerings coming to market over the next couple of years.

The Plugin Mini Clubman should truly be an impressive drive and welcome addition to it’s segment.  It will have the familiar 1.5L 3 cylinder powering the front wheels while the electric drive system will separately power the rear.  My first question is will it do electric donuts?  Hello test drive!

The 220 charge time has not been released.  However, the Lithium battery system should give 15-20 miles of electric only fun on a charge, which is similar to the ev only of the Ford lineup.  Regenerative braking is provided by all 4 wheels as the rear wheels are traditionally direct to the ev system and the front wheels will add regeneration through a generator connected to the engine.  Sweet.

MINI Clubman Concept – Interior